How To Pass in Anna University Exams & Clear Arrear Exams

How To Pass in Anna University Exams & Clear Arrear Exams

Are you exhausted of writing exams every day but not clearing papers? Don’t worry… Clearing the papers is not a hard thing for anyone studying in any university. It’s even easier for our Anna university buddies. Just read it and get the idea to clear all your papers very easily… Yes! you can.

How To Pass in Anna University Exams & Clear Arrear Exams

One of My Senior Experience

Just read My Senior experience here so that you may get more confidence and courage to clear all your arrears including current papers in this semester itself.

My Friend completed my B.E(ECE) degree in a Anna University affiliated college in the year 2014 (2010-2014 batch). I Came through a hard path to complete my degree there. When I appeared for the examinations under Anna University Chennai for the first time. I never thought that I will get 17 arrears in my life OMG! I studied well and written well in that semester and I was looking for a good result. That too in my 6th semester. I just lost all hope of completing all papers within 2 and completing my degree. At that time I was looking for some blogs like this to give me some ideas but couldn’t find anybody to guide me properly. So I got a photocopy of a paper and started analyzing with that.  From that I got a clear idea and executed that idea and succeeded in that.

Believe it or not. I cleared 19 papers out of 21 I appeared for in the 7th semester with decent grades. (But as like you guys I never expected to get a grade more than “E” 😉  (just pass)). Some of you guys may have 20 or 25 arrears. No matter you can clear it in one attempt. Just follow the ideas I have posted here.

From my experience, I can say NO NEED TO STUDY ALL THE YEAR TO CLEAR ANNA UNIVERSITY PAPERS (almost any university around here). Definitely you will fail if you study a lot (lol :P)Simply you can pass by some tricks I give which I got from my experience. But you need to work at least one month before the examinations to prepare for it.

Carefully follow all these and you’ll definitely pass

How to Prepare?

  1. Make sure that you have all the study materials in your hand. Start collecting all the study materials at least 6 weeks before the exams. It may take 2 weeks to get all the materials. Make sure that the study materials are clear and proper. Better go for Textbooks referred in the syllabus in the university. (Don’t get upset. You’re not gonna read all the book)
  2. Prepare a chart. Take a good paper and write all the exams you have and their dates (if known). Allow at least 5 days for a subject(1 unit/day) if the subject is hard and new to you. Make a chart and mark it in the calendar (Not the one in your phone).
  3. Note: Don’t be lazy to write everything in a paper. If you have any pending works like collecting materials, pending in preparing, just mark it in a paper so that you may not forget and miss anything.

What to Study?

  1. Write down all the topics covered in your syllabus and study them. See the book and write down all the topics for every question in a note. Write it for all units and just study only the syllabus. You need not to get tired of reading all the book. But study the topics very well. Don’t neglect anything. Topics are more important than any of the following.
  2. Memorize the diagrams. Diagrams have the importance next to topics. Just practice many times and memorize. Diagrams and topics are good enough to face the exams and clear the papers. If possible just ask your friends to tell the concept like a story.
  3. Study basic two marks. Need not to study 100s of two marks to face the exam. Just learn the basic two marks. Because if you write even the basic two marks wrong, then it might create a bad impression for the examiner. That’s all you need to study.
  4. Give more importance to first and last unit in all subjects.
  5. Pray well before you plan and start studying. There may be God to help you right?

How to Present in Exam?

  1. 2 marks: Take maximum 30 minutes(out of 3 hours) for 2 mark questions(10 questions). Write the known questions at first. Fill the other questions with relevant answers. Never give a wrong answer to a basic question.
  2. 16 marks: Take maximum 30 minutes for every 16 mark question. Write minimum 6 pages for a 16 mark question. Draw the diagrams well. Just write the headings for that question and then write just whatever comes in your mind. keep it in mind nobody have time to read your stories rather than the topics.
  3. 8 marks: Take maximum 15 minutes for every 8 mark question. Write minimum 4 pages for a question.
  4. Never do overwriting. Just leave it if you write some words with spelling mistakes.
  5. Never come out of the exam hall without filling all the 42 pages of the answer sheet. Never leave any single question. It is very important than all other things you do. From my experience, if you write 4 questions very well out of 5 questions, you will definitely fail. But if you just attend all the questions you will definitely pass(99% probability).
  6. Use black pen for writing the headings.
  7. For problematic papers, if you can’t move to the next step, just do something like you know everything. Nobody gonna see all the steps. They’ll think that you didn’t get only the answer. Just fill the pages.
  8. For derivation papers, just memorize the important formulas and final expressions and write on your own way. Nobody gonna see all the steps. Just write anything for any question if you don’t know the right formulas and derivations Just fill the pages.
  9. For program related papers, if you don’t know the right one, just write any related program.
  10. Whatever you study or not, just follow the 5th step to get pass . It’ll work.
  11. Pray well before starting the exams. 😉