How To pass Anna University Arrears Exam Papers

How To pass Anna University Arrears Exam Papers

Actually, Anna University Papers are Very Easy To Paas, It is Not a Big Deal to Pass the Examination.It very simple and easy to pass, I am going to tell you step by step procedure to get passed easily Let’s start from the beginning.


Step 1: Get Syllabus
Get subject syllabus from Anna university website or from Noteskik. Either write it down or take a printout.

Step 2: Refer previous question papers
Previous year question papers are available as part of local author books. Colleges often keep previous year question papers in libraries. Question papers are also available online.

Step 3: Arrange notes and books
It’s best to study with staff provided notes. Also, avail local author books to study easily.

Step 4: Studying method
Learn important questions asked in earlier question papers. Memorize formulas, diagrams, and sub-headings.Just memorizing sub-headings and diagrams, in theory, papers can get you passed!

Step 5: Exam writing tips
Write as much as possible. Put down the diagrams and sub-headings and elaborate on them.
Do not leave out any question. Attempt every question even if you don’t know the answer.
Plan your time. Assign time for each question and try to finish the questions within that time.