How to Get Pass Mark in M3 Exam ? Anna University

How to Get Pass Mark in M3 Exam ? Anna University

Many Students who are affiliated to Anna University They are feeling that clearing Anna University Engineering Mathematics is difficult to Clear. But I will Provide Some tips for the Students to get easily passed in mathematics.

How to Get Pass Mark in M3 Exam? Anna University

Tips To Pass Engineering Mathematics-3

  1. Make a note of Formulas in All the Units. This is very Important. Be in full knowledge with all formulas in all chapter.
  2.  know how to solve the problem. Just have a basic idea of solving the problem. i.e. how to substitute in the formula. don’t worry about the final answer.


  3. while preparing doesn’t leave any units.


  4.  In an exam, Just mention the formulas that you are going to use in that particular problem. It will fetch you more marks.

How to clear M3 Paper ? – Unit Wise tips – Unit wise Important Topics to be covered

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Unit – 1

  • Harmonics Analysis
  • Half-range Sine and  Cosine  series

Unit – 2

  • convolution theorem and Parseval’s identity
  • refer Nov-Dec 2013 important Questions – in that Model, every time problem is asked.

Unit – 3

  • Solution  of  linear  equations  of higher order with constant coefficients < model problem – refer Nov-Dec 2013 Important Questions>
  • Lagrange’s  Linear  equation
  • Integral  surface  passing  through  a  given  curve< model problem – refer in Nov-Dec 2013 Important Questions>

Unit 4 

  • one-dimensional and two-dimensional wave equation
  • one-dimensional  heat  equation

Unit 5

  • Solution  of difference equation using Z-transform
  • Z-transform and properties of Inverse Z-transform
  • Convolution theorem
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