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Forensic Sciences, Cyber, Legal, Investigation, Expert etc distance learning courses by correspondence with online support, eLearning with online support, online and self-study based.  Our Online and Distance Courses are a simple and cost-effective learning solution, we’re here to help you launch or enhance your creative career. Students can participate in courses from virtually anywhere and anytime around the world.

An education in Forensic Sciences, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crime, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Forensic Psychology, Crime Scene Investigation, Questioned Document and Handwriting etc courses provides the backbone for those who wish to work within the justice department as a Forensic Expert, Scientist, Administrator, Bailiff, Private Investigator, Detective, Forensic Analyst, Forensic Examiner, Teacher, Psychologist, Legal Consultant or in other positions.

We prepare students with competencies in the areas of finding, preserving, developing, collecting, analyzing, recording and presenting physical evidence utilizing modern scientific methods used in the field and laboratory for forensic identification. Students may begin the course and complete assignments at their own convenience.

Upon completion of course content requirements, satisfactory performance on assignments, examinations and evaluation completion, students are awarded a Course Degree / Diploma Certificate of Completion, Mark Sheets, and Course Completion Letter. Our self-paced study courses are provided in online plus distance format and may be taken at any time, accommodating all schedules.


Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws. Forensic scientists collect, preserve, and analyze scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. While some forensic scientists travel to the scene to collect the evidence themselves, others occupy a laboratory role, performing analysis on objects brought to them by other individuals.In addition to their laboratory role, forensic scientists testify as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases and can work for either the prosecution or the defense. While any field could technically be forensic, certain sections have developed over time to encompass the majority of forensically related cases.

There are Various Types of forensic Courses Investigation, Legal and Security Courses Certification

Forensic Science and Criminology Forensic Entomology
Forensic Science and Fingerprint Cell Phone Forensics (Mobile)
Questioned Documents and Handwriting Private Investigator (Detective)
Forensic Science and Document Examination Forensic Science and Forensic Graphology
Document and Fingerprint Examination Wildlife Forensics and Nature Conservation
Fingerprint Expert Crime Scene Investigation
Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security & Cyber Law Disk Imaging and eDiscovery
Cyber Forensics Cyber Law
Forensic Biotechnology and DNA Fingerprinting Forensic Science and Cyber Forensics
Forensic Science and DNA Fingerprinting Forensic Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence) 
Fire and Arson Investigation Forensic Engineering
Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examiner Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine
Forensic Science and Forensic Photography Forensic Audio and Video Analysis
Forensic Odontology Forensic Detective
Forensic Science and Forensic Odontology and more…


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