12th Maths Public Exam 2016 Preparation Materials

12th Maths Public Exam 2016 Preparation Materials

Here We Have provided a clear and special Guidance for all 12th Students. We Have provided more study materials in order to help the Students. So we have covered the maximum and we are sure that we will instantly update more study materials for 12th Public Exams For Slow Learners/Fast Learners.We Are Collected From Various Places And Providing Through Noteskik.com, Happy Learning.

Marking Scheme – General Instructions :

01. The marking scheme provides general guidelines to reducesubjectivity in the marking. The answers given in the marking scheme are Text Book , Solution Book and COME BOOK bound. The contends of he textbook, Solution Book and Come Book are thus indicative .If a student has given any answer which is different form one given in the marking scheme, but
conveys the prescribed content meaning, Such answers should be given full
credit .

02. Evaluation should to be done strictly adhering the instruction provided in the marking scheme in order to ensure uniformity in the assessment of candidate’s performance .

03. In an answer to an question , between any two particular stages of marks (greater than 1) if a student start from a stage with correct step but reach the next stage with a wrong result then suitable credits should be given to the correct steps instead of denying the entire marks meant of this page .

04. Only a rough sketch of the diagram is expected and full credit must be given for such diagrams that form part and parcel of the solution of a problem.

05. Marks should not be deducted in questions on determinants and matrices , if arbitrary constants are assigned to variables other than those in the marketing scheme.(The same will be applicable for sequence of elementary transformations applying to get echelon form of a matrix).

06. Marks should be awarded for correct answers to questions on the vector equations of lines and planes irrespective of their equivalent vector form.

07. Marks Should not be deducted in questions on applications of integration if the correct dimensions such as square units for area, cubic units for volume are not specified .

08. In questions on variable separable , homogeneous , linear differential equations of first order , full marks should be given for an equivalent answer and student should not be penalized for not getting the final answer mentioned in the marking scheme .

09. There is no separate mark allotted for formulae . If a particular stage is wrong ad if the candidate writes the appropriate formula then award suitable mark for the formula, This mark is attached with that stage .This is done with the aim that a student who did problem correctly without writing formula is not penalized.This is mark should not be deducted foe not writing the formula.